Soups Done!

Lil’ Potter was a great help in the kitchen. She made sure the counter didn’t float away!
Here she is overseeing the abundance of veggies donated for our soup.

Last Friday we held our third Empty Bowls in the Powderhorn area. The week was filled with last minute details and soup making. The vast majority of our soup materials are donated. Food distributors, farmers, and local gardeners donate surplus veggies and supplies. We look over the donated food and design the soup plan around that. This year squash, leeks, potatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms and onions were in abundance. Many, many people came to the park to help with our veggie prep, and most of the food was cleaned and diced on Wednesday evening. One person single handily diced a fifty pound bag of onions. I sauteed thirty pounds of mushrooms, YUM! We make many, many batches of mirepoix and then soup making is easy on Friday! Then menu included curried lentil, black bean chili, minestrone, potato leek, squash, and tomato basil. All the soups were vegan, except for the potato leek which was SO much tastier with cream. (isn’t everything?) Thirteen hundred handmade bowls and approximately 100 gallons of soup and we were able to raise over $20,000.00*! Yippee! (*you can still donate . . . go here )
If you weren’t able to come this year mark your calendar for next year – it’s always held the first Friday in November! Many thanks to the following businesses who helped make this year’s event possible with their generous donations! Classic Provisions, Co-op Partners, Equal Exchange, New French Bakery, and Peace Coffee.

2 thoughts on “Soups Done!”

  • Dang! I really, really meant to be there. Somehow life swept me right past it.

    I shall have to be solaced by viewing the adorable photo of Lil' Potter.

  • Oh ha! i love that image. They weren’t Jennie’s goats. The first time I visited her urban farm (which oroolevks Lake Washington in a beautiful neighborhood), I was expecting to smell goats but I didn’t. She uses wood chips for bedding, so her goatshed just smells like the great northwest.

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