No Sleep ’til No Coast!

Ahh the life of a self employed new mom whose husband is in nursing school. Stunning how little can be accomplished these days. Our dear babe is three months old today! She is a great baby in SO many ways. She’s smiling and laughing now. She recognizes family and friends and greets them with a stunning gummy smile. Naps are no problem, and sleep has been great. Until Thanksgiving. Seems as though the holiday didn’t sit well with her. Might be the food, all the new people, or the interruption of her routine. Whatever it is we’re suffering a bit of a post holiday hangover here. We’ve reverted to the sleep schedule of a newborn with short fits of sleep followed by fussiness. This sleep change has been difficult because it came after a week of nightly 6+ hours of uninterrupted sleep. Having a taste of normalcy makes this all the more bitter. A pow wow with her Dr. and advice from friends and grandparents gave us some ideas to try and fingers crossed we are on our way back to where we were. In the meantime each time I wake in the middle of the night I think to myself. “No. Sleep. ’til No-Coast*”
*want to hear the original?

2 thoughts on “No Sleep ’til No Coast!”

  • At three months of age, she might be going through a growth spurt, or on the verge of a developmental leap (my kids always have disrupted sleep for a week or so right before they bust out some new skill). Hang in there … she'll be back to six-hour nights (and more!) before you know it.

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