To the Moon!!!

I’m on my way to the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival. One of my favorite drives from schizophrenic Minnesota spring into full tilt, capitol S, Spring. The potter mobile is packed with freshly made pots. Bowls, dishes, whiskey cups, stitch markers, and jewelry will all be in the booth, keeping all the mugs company.

Brainstorming ideas for the show mugs is always a hoot, and this year my head was in the stars. Each year this little crab has the best adventures. As each piece is different, sometimes a mug has a crabby pilot, sometimes the crab is on the moon, some may even have a small flock of crabs. Look out for the sheep too. Can’t have a sheep and wool mug with out the sheep now can we?

Come visit, I’m in same space as previous years. D-21 the Main Exhibition Hall. A handy link to the map is right here!


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