Now What?

(This picture has nothing to do with the post that follows. It is quite simply a beautiful picture of the wee potter)

Most people mark time by the months of the year or holidays. I mark the changing of seasons by the events I attend. The trip East for Rhinebeck is always a monumental event. By far the largest event I attend, I’m always nervous I don’t have enough pots – or the “wrong” ones. Add to that a newborn and this year Rhinebeck was a big question mark. Somehow I managed to get four kiln loads out after Lil was born. My mother and friend drove the truck loaded with Rhinebeck booty to NY. (Thanks Mom!) It’s a LONG, but beautiful, two day trip. While baby potter and I flew from Minneapolis to Albany and drove two hours to Kingston.
The weather forecast was grim. Rain was expected on both Saturday and Sunday. Luckily we escaped rain on Saturday. It was overcast all day and we were too busy to worry about the weather. On Sunday it rained, but magically our little grove of trees kept us from getting wet. Lil was tucked away in her stroller under many blankets. When we got cold we just put our hands in her seat. Really, do you need an excuse to hold a baby?
Now that Rhinebeck is done I start to think about the holiday season. The next event for me is Empty Bowls. I have 200 bowls to finish for the event. (just thirteen days away . . . ) Last year we had 1200 bowls and we ran out around 7:00pm. We hope to have enough bowls this year – maybe 1300 or so, and plan to end the event two hours earlier than last year. If you plan on attending – I advise you come early to get the best selection.
After Empty Bowls is one of my favorite events of the year, No Coast. Not only is it ten minutes from the house, it happens to be attended by the best vendors in the cities. I can polish off most of my holiday shopping in one place. We’ve decided to take a year off from our home sale – so plan to come to the Global Market for No Coast instead. Now we transition from fall to winter and the year will be over before we know it.

5 thoughts on “Now What?”

  • I bought one of your wonderful mugs at Rhinebeck. I use it daily for 2-4 warm beverages every day. I love, love, love it! 🙂 Thank you!!!

  • Lil is so CUTE!!!

    I'm so sorry I missed you at Rhinebeck. I wanted to stop by and say hi to another Midwesterner. I'm from N.Dak with many roots in Minneapolis including my father being buried at Ft Snelling. Hopefully next year.

  • Congratulations – I followed Annie's blog to your site. What a beautiful baby. I've reopened Creative Fibers in New Prague. Hope you get a chance to stop in. I'm in with Mosaic Alley and it might be a great place for your pottery. Bonny McCormick

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