A little while back I had the great pleasure of meeting Amy Singer of Knitty. She came to my house (!!!!) and “toured” the studio. ( My what a sculptural laundry mound you have . . . ) A custom order was placed. I threw in some goodies for the Knitty Cool Stuff Submissions. Check it out! I‘m about half way down the page . . .
(Abbey the wonder cat was very interested in the process. Sadly, she did not take a vacation to Canada)

* Mr. Lanners’ Pottery was not happy with the tone regarding Abbey the wonder cat. Evidentially it sounds like I want Abbey the wonder cat to go to Canada. I was reminded that every day is a vacation for Abbey the wonder cat here at the homestead. I think we all should go to Canada, too bad we won’t all fit in the box.

I just checked my email and I was accepted for the No Coast Show here in Minneapolis!!!
Mark your calendars!

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