Uff Da!

Today was Ingebretsen’s day at the Midtown Market. Fall is officially here and with it the harvest of veggies. I was dispatched to the market with a list of vegetables to pickle. While I browsed through the stands I munched on some fabulous food. My dear sweet Mala ( sautee master, see pic above) was at the market with her wonderful crepes. I chose the market veggie mix on top of a buckwheat crepe smothered in Gouda. Yummmmm. ( Crepe did not survive long enough to be photographed)

Lynn, Joan, and Carol were representing the shop with Uff Da Dogs. Ingebretsen’s own hot dogs wrapped in the best lefse, hand rolled by the master.

So it was a breakfast with a crepe appetizer and an Uff Da Dog dessert. The lingonberry ketchup counts as dessert right?

I wandered around and found the best veggies to bring to Ma’s for our pickle fest. She redesigned her back yard this spring, uprooted an old tired tree, and planted a bounty of veggies. She aptly calls it the “jungle”. ( It’s really too bad you can’t hear her rousing take on the G’NR classic she hums as she walks through the back yard . . . )

We picked her peppers and combined them with the veggies from the market and had a pickle fest – Dilly beans, jalapenos, dill pickles and pickled peppers. 37 jars in total – Yum!

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