Home Sweet Home

This is my home away from home. We love our little tent – just big enough for the two of us, light to pack and portage, and when the weather is nice our dog sleeps in the alcove where the rain fly extends. It was just me this past weekend at one of my favorite sheep and wool events in Jefferson County Wisconsin. I thought I would post some about the event.
The event is held on the fairgrounds, most of the buildings are new. The facilities are great. Each of those giant red buildings was chock full of fiber vendors. The event offers many classes – one of these years I’m going to take one. Across the giant parking lot there’s an activities building, where there are displays, fleece auctions, classes for fiber folks and shepherds too. The FFA ( for those not in a farming area – that’s the Future Farmers of America) sponsors a food stand here. Ah Wisconsin , Land O’ Dairy.

No meat – just dairy. Truly a lactards hell. Butter on your nachos?

Also seen at WS&W – three bags full. I wonder where does the driver go? I SO wish I could have seen this in motion.
The weather was beautiful. Finally fall sock weather. These beauties are from my lovely sock pal. Aren’t they wonderful!
Oh yes – there was fiber , LOTS of fiber. This is a stunningly clean fleece that was soooo soft!
I finally remembered to bring along the fleeces I have been acquiring to have them processed. In my excitement I forgot to ask when they would be completed and shipped. So, I expect to be pleasantly surprised when my giant box of roving arrives from Zeilinger’s.
As has been the theme all summer, I drove home, west into the sunset. Ah home sweet home. Now back to work. Hi, ho, hi ho . . .

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  • Hi,

    I met you at the WSW event. My mom bought me one of your fabulous mugs. I admired the hoodie you were knitting with briar rose yarns and ended up splurging on a bunch of their yarn for the cute tank top pattern that was on display.

    thanks again,

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