On Wisconsin!

Today I depart for the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival. The house is downright balmy with a good dousing of rain and the kiln cooling off over night. (Currently still waiting for the temp to drop under 400 degrees so I don’t melt my packing materials. Yes, I have done that before, it’s not pretty. )
While in Michigan we had a bit of a cold snap. I pulled out my tried and true bluejeans. Hello old friend. Why you seem to be a bit threadbare down there. I then made the mistake of verbalizing the impending doom to my roadie Karen. Sho nuf’ less than half an hour later the small gently worn spot that was the texture of brushed velvet was now a genuine hole. Why am I telling you this you ask? The hole brought me to the mall -yucky jeans shopping -which brought me to this.
See that – next to the dashing headless mannequin. ROVING as an accessory. I was of course sucked in and wandered around to see five bumps of various colored merino scattered around. (One bump was as large as a big balance ball!) When I asked the clerk why they were displaying roving she said, ” To promote the fall sweater collection.” “How many people make that connection? ” I ask. She responds, “With you that makes four.”
(What I really want to know is when will that be on sale? )
Jeans were found and some nice trousers too. Only took four stores to find a suitable fit.

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