Princess Kay . . .

I was asked by the Minnesota Lamb and Wool Producers Association to join the booth at the state fair. Located in Empire Commons, home to the dairy association malts, it’s a popular place.
I worked my first shift yesterday. Here in MN we take our state fair seriously. We are home to the second largest state fair ( damn Texas ). There are so many great things to see at the fair. One of which is the butter sculpture of Princess Kay.
Each year the Midwest Dairy Association crowns a Princess Kay of the Milky Way. Besides spreading the gospel of dairy throughout the state, Princess Kay sits in a cooler in Empire Commons and has her bust carved in a special 90 lb block of butter. The cooler is just 20 feet from the MLWP association booth. I was able to watch the whole process unfold during my shift. Princess Kay has a few question and answer sessions during the day. During these I learned the final sculpture weighs about 60 lbs. ( She gets to take the 30 some lbs of “scrap” home in addition to the 60 lb likeness) Sugar cookies anyone?

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