In a Michigan Fog

Yet another festival under my belt. It was a great event and I met so many wonderful people. Fiber Folks Rock! I returned from the Michigan Fiber Festival late on Monday evening, after a nice 10 hour drive, and I’ve been in a fog ever since. The weather here has not been cheery – non stop drizzle and rain ever since I returned home. It’s been hard to get into the studio and accomplish pending projects. I feel like I’m walking in muck. One foot in front of the other . . .
While in Michigan we stumbled upon a wonderful fruit stand, thank you dutch farm market, and I stumbled upon a half bushel of peaches. So mom and I spent yesterday evening making them into gold. (I’m quite sure I could use our canned fruit as currency somewhere!) Turns out a half bushel of peaches makes an awful lot of pretty jars. ( Too bad the crappy weather makes for crappy photos – I’ll post some nummy shots when the weather turns a bit sunnier!) We canned without sugar using white grape juice instead. Traditional sliced peaches were made as well as some ginger and lemon zest peach sauce. This will no doubt bring a little summer to us when its -20 in January.
(In the meantime here’s a pretty pic of an angora rabbit from the festival. Photo courtesy of my roadie Karen)
Tomorrow I work my first shift at the Minnesota Lamb and Wool Producers booth at the state fair – no doubt some great pics will be found! Stop by Empire Commons and check out the goods! EC used to be the old Dairy building it’s the place for the yummy state fair milkshakes and Princess Kay – more on that tomorrow!

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