So I’m a bad blogger. Every day I think about how I’m going to post. While I’m working my mind zones off to that white noise place and my mind drifts. Inevitably I begin to compose a post. By the time I finish with my studio work I’m generally too exhausted to fight with the layout on blogger. ( I also head to bed late at night and worry about posting in the wee hours . . . )
I am waiting for the hours to pass so I can turn up my bisque kiln and I just got around to posting the entry for last weekend. Booo.
So- today I had a rare treat. I went out with an old friend from college who I see far too little of. We had a lovely lunch at Lucia’s in Uptown. Yum! We both had lovely meals – but it was the dessert that stole the show. Fortunately my dining companion and I agree – it was impossible to decide on just one dessert. Together we shared three. ( insert Homer Simpson sound effect here)

The star was the lemon pana cotta. How one makes an egg-less custard taste so yummy I do not know. The texture was divine and the bottom of the tin was lined with small bits of zest. Yummmmm. I could have bathed in it.
( FYI : the mini chocolate cupcake was good and the brown lump on the right was a gummy caramelized French pastry whose name escapes me, the texture was good and the flavor subtle)
After our gluttonous dessert we had a very civilized afternoon at the Walker. Where I learned I actually do like Jackson Pollack. Who knew?
The show was great. So good that I will have to find an excuse to go again, soon!
(hi ho hi ho it’s off to the kiln I go . . . )

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