Update . . .

EB was a great success! We sent out press releases to every news agency in the cities and got ZERO press coverage. Seems incongruous to have those two sentences back to back. Word of mouth brought over 700 people who purchased over 1100 handmade bowls. We raised over $10,000!!! We still have corporate matching gifts coming in so we hope the total to exceed $12,000! ( EB also applied for a grant that we will soon find out about . . .) For a first time event, started by 5 people, I’d say we were pretty successful! I have run into so many people who were wowed by the event. It was absolutely amazing to see all of these people there! At the dinner service I was coerced to address the group. Being totally overwhelmed by the response I said something witty, no doubt, and then began to tear up. I cried in front of a gymnasium full of people. The emotion was real and I still get shivers when I think of the response by that community to our event. Thank you. If you attended, Thank you, if you did not, please come next year! November 7, 2008.

2 thoughts on “Update . . .

  1. Karin

    You are making me cry, too!
    That is so great.
    We have a similar event here in the NYS Capital Region and it drew a lot of people. They were lined up around the block!

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