No coast = no sleep

Friday and Saturday was No Coast Craft-O-Rama at the global market here in Mpls. ( Had I been a responsible blogger I would have posted before the event – but I was so busy getting all of my pieces ready for the show that everything that was not urgent was neglected.) When I left the house to set up for the show on Friday at 12:30 I left a kiln at home cooling at a balmy 950 degrees. Procrastinate? Me? Never? I worked like a fiend in the weeks prior to the show. I made many familiar designs and tested some new designs as well. Above is a shot of a new sewing motif. The new designs sold well – there will be more made for my next sale!
( And sometime this century they will make it on to the website – really – I promise they will! Does anybody want to come and photograph my work for me?)
Mr. Lanners and I have been like ships passing in the night with my studio schedule lately. I’m up and working while he’s sleeping and I’m off to bed while he’s still working. Busy days for both of us means we sometimes eat together before we run off to do something urgent. So today, at the top of my list – make a great dinner, and dessert, that we will sit down and enjoy – together – with out interruptions. The menu seems fittting after our first great dumping of snow. Bowl food alwalys seems appropriate – makes you want snuggle up with your bowl and tuck in for a good meal.
(Then tomorrow it’s back to pots, pots, pots, pots . . . )

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