Guest Post from a (semi) retired Booth Babe

After yesterday’s post where I answered the questions I have been asked via email or social media I was quickly chided for my hurried post. My dear friend suggested I go back to the beginning and answer questions that first time visitors and Rhinebeck newbies might have. Juggling the last minute show prep and family life I nicely jested she write the post. Well, she did! What follows are helpful hints and tips from a (semi) retired booth babe, an amaze ball knitter and one of my all time favorite people. 

Oh, Jennie Jennie Jennie.


Those are only the “essentials” of how to navigate the craziness that is JTP Booth at Rhinebeck.


Here’s a true “insider helpful hints guide” from Not the Potter, for people who come clamoring for your ware, especially at Rhinebeck.


  • If you REALLY REALLY want a show mug, come early Saturday morning. Jennie has historically NOT held back inventory of show mugs for the second day so whatever there is, it is sold first come first served. These are limited edition, so unless you nab them at the festival, you can’t have one…




Special orders are available (in limited quantity) at all festivals Jennie goes to, and you can order a 2014 Rhinebeck mug/yarn bowl/tumber at them. SOMETIMES there is even special orders available on Etsy (hint hint: Holiday time, stay tuned to this blog). Or…did Jennie tell anyone she will be at Stitches West in Feb 2015? Just saying.


  • There are usually a couple of specials on Sunday. These are very limited, usually, but Jennie does sell some seconds if she has them (and I bet she has some given how many mugs she threw for Rhinebeck) for a bit of a discount. Usually a Sunday special. No promises, I’m just guessing. (But if there weren’t any of these, Jennie would have deleted this bullet point since this IS her blog.)


  • I know the focus is one the show mug, but she always has several of her Classic Sheepie mugs/vases/yarn bowls. So….if you have your heart set on one of those, they will likely be there and if you wanted a particular yarn color or sheep color, and it’s not in the middle of the crush for the show mug, ask! There may be inventory that’s not out on the shelves yet and sometimes, though the booth babes are efficient and hard working, not all the inventory gets out there.


  • Hint: From what I saw (and just photos, mind you, I live in NYC), it looks like there are a few pieces from “the archives” making the trek to Rhinebeck this year. No, not antiques from Jennie’s attic, but she’s bringing back some classics.


  • If you want to chat up the Potter, there are several strategies. She’s quite friendly, actually, but what I’ve noticed in my time with Jennie…
    • Wear a killer knit. I’ve never NOT heard her comment on a beautiful piece of knitting that someone is wearing. Jennie is a knitter (and a good one at that), and I’ve noticed that she will always have something to say about a killer knit. In fact, I’ve seen her chase down someone wearing a great shawl across the show floor.
    • Come to the booth in the afternoon when the booth is not so crazy.


  • And at this point, may I highlight 3 items that I always seem to buy (and not be able to keep because they make good gifts):
    • Buttons!!!!! Buttons are organized (USUALLY) by how many buttons are on a card. It’s also worthwhile asking one of the booth babes if you’ve got some button that you’ve seen before or a swatch…they’ve seen the inventory. In fact, I’ll probably be there Saturday afternoon looking for buttons.
  • Little “saucy bowls”. Great gift for tea drinkers to put their used tea bags or strainers in. Or knitters for notions. I don’t know how many of these I’ve bought so far, and I have managed to keep only one. If you see one with a border collie on the inside, THAT’S MINE. (Just kidding, it really is worth looking at what may be peeking up at you from the bottom of the bowl. I am personally hoping there’s a version that features this year’s show design….because….YOU’LL SEE.)
  • Stitch markers! They’re nice and light (in weight), and who can’t use more stitch markers? (These also make a showing in her Etsy shop now and again so I would check to see if she lists some after Rhinebeck).


Well, I hope that helps. I hope you come by Jennie’s booth. I’ll be the one hogging the button boxes.

(Kei is a retired but sometimes resurrected booth babe in the JTP Booth.) Her antics, and pups, can be followed on her blog twisted and purled (nyc)

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