Here Fishy Fishy


When making my event specific pieces I try and use logical sources of inspiration. Typically I look to the environment, the Madrona Fiber Arts piece is no different. When I, a landlocked Midwesterner, think of the Pacific Northwest I think ocean, roaring rivers, soaring mountain vistas and fresh salmon. Logical jump for the yarn-centric potter? Salmon fishing using a yarn ball lure.

Here’s the stamp I carved to speed up the painting process. After doodling my design with a sharpie marker I transfer it to a piece of ez cut linoleum block using pencil. I carve the design away keeping just the lines I need to aid in painting. I stamp the design using a simple stamp pad (it burns away in the first bisque firing). I then have outlines to place my underglazes inside of. This makes the painting go so much faster, and makes the design a bit more uniform. Then comes my favorite part, the carving!


3 thoughts on “Here Fishy Fishy”

  • I am! I’m rather excited about it. The pallet of pottery gets loaded onto the semi today. Looking forward to seeing familiar faces, knitting a wee bit, and drinking some great coffee. See you soon!

  • Oooooo! I want one of these soooooo bad! Any chance that you’ll still have a few left by late morning on Saturday. I can only get over to Madrona for the day this year & will be driving down from north of Seattle. Signed HOPEFUL

  • I have a “thing” for fishes any chance there are leftover bowls, mugs from Madrona? I might be interested in buying one, or is it better to wait until Maryland Sheep & Wool?


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