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Ugh. Here I sit not far from the fairgrounds listening to the pitterpat of rain. Less now than when I woke up a few hours ago, but forecast to get worse later. Tents must go up, tarps too and the bare bones of the booth. The pots will have to stay bundled up in their bins though. I have a real fear of the tents getting blown over by weather, and there would be no relaxing at all today if I put the pots out too. NE weather mapSo, short day today, long day tomorrow as the rest of the set up will happen after this weather system passes. Mother Nature, be a kind mistress today. Go ahead and rain away. Just please, please, no driving winds and lightning. Save that show for another weekend.

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  • When I load pots for fiber festivals I am generally jealous about how LIGHT the bins are of the fiber vendors. But when it’s windy I truly sweat it too. Good luck and fingers crossed for a beautiful weekend starting SOON.

  • I am so sorry I missed you last weekend. My assigned mug getter was sick and didn’t come and, as you can imagine, teaching doesn’t allow for much time away from the teaching spot.

    I hope you had a fantastic show and got very rich so that you can retire to a lovely place and make whatever pottery you want and play with your kids as much as you want.

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