I was fortunate to attend SOAR last weekend. Chris and I rarely get to spend time with one another outside of shows so we used this as an opportunity to have some much needed R&R. The mix of vending and classes was great, a few hours in the market followed by some off time. Fortune was on my side as I was able to take a spinning class with Maggie Casey. The class was on spinning multi-colored yarn from solid colored roving. It’s a topic that has so many different approaches. Here’s a shot of Maggie explaining the fractal spinning idea with solid rovings. I’m hoping to try that out, someday.

Two nuggets of advice were most relevant to my progress as a spinner. Spin with a project in mind and spin at least 15 min per day. I’ve taken this to heart and have some yummy Wensleydale on the bobbin with the intent of knitting it into a pair of socks. The weekend was a brief but well neeeded respite. The travelling for this year is done. No potter roadtrips until Stitches West in February. I do have one local show planned and one, maybe two, updates in the works. Back to the salt mines potter.

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