Pictures First

Mugs for YHarlot Donation
These mugs have been donated to the Knitter's Without Borders drive for Haiti. Have you donated yet?

I have a few irons in the fire right now. New ads are on the way, new shows, some custom work for knitwear designers and oh yeah a new way of selling my work online.  I thought it best to start with the pictures.  I find making the work is the most fun and photographing it by far the least. It’s such a steep learning curve photographing a three dimensional shiny object like a piece of pottery. Add the overcast winter weather to the mix and the whole process is frustrating enough to drive a woman to drink. That’s were the new photo back drop and a stadium’s worth of lighting comes in. I’m pleased with the results. Now, to have the patience to do this to a whole kiln’s worth of pots. Good thing the liquor store is just up the street. 😉

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  • My step-son precariously stacked our mugs in the cabinet when he was doing his chore of emptying the dishwasher. When I opened the cabinet this morning my beloved sheep mug (identical to the white sheep with green yarn above) tumbled out and broke. I could have cried. I’m wondering if you might be making any mugs in the near future…pretty please with fiber and needles on top? :o)

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