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I want to let everyone know I’m transitioning to a new site. The website, in it’s previous incarnation, no longer exists. I am changing how I sell my work and the new site will reflect that. Previously, customers placed an order on the website, the site generated an order to me, and I made the order. This process took anywhere from two to four weeks to complete depending on how many orders were pending and proximity to a show. We have a wee little home studio and do not have the space to keep a large stock on hand. This model seemed to work best for those wanting to purchase pots from me. With a new babe around the house my studio work has changed dramatically. Instead of a regular studio schedule where I was in control of my time I now have a little one who dictates our days (and nights). Sometimes the stars are aligned and I can accomplish studio tasks during her brief moments of rest, or when a grandparent offers babysitting. Too often though I feel like I’m drowning in expectation and become overwhelmed when I am unable to get into the studio because my energy and efforts are needed elsewhere.  I love my new role as a mother and needed to find a solution to always feeling behind in the studio, while balancing my desire to spend time with my beautiful daughter.
So, with the help of a dear friend we’ve decided to implement a different plan for purchasing my work online. The new site will be largely blog based with commerce run through etsy. It’s the easiest solution, and hopefully one that gives us more control of the look and feel of the site. (The old site was functional – but did little to reflect my personality) I will continue to make pots and when I have an adequate supply I will post those pots on etsy.  Once ordered they will ship within the week, as the pots will be made and ready to ship. I will give advance notice of this to those who sign up for my email list so you’ll know when you can peruse the newest work. I will be posting the update time and details on the blog too. All of this will be accessed through the web address. Over time I hope to create a pattern of these “updates” and should be posting where seasonally relevant ie in time for Mother’s Day, Christmas etc. Anyone “needing” pots, buttons, jewlery etc for a special occasion (or just ’cause) can contact me directly and we can arrange a special order.  I will continue to make work for shows and will be maintaining a calendar of upcoming events at the site too. Those of you who have purchased work at event know there are many designs and motifs that did not appear on the website but were available in person at shows. Depending on the kiln, there should be more of those pots popping up for sale outside of shows too.
So, be patient as the hub and I dive into this new experience of building our site, and stay tuned as I unveil the new stuff. It’s bound to be good!

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