I’m in Knitty!

The new Summer issue of Knitty is out. In addition to all the great patterns and articles you’ll find me! There’s a wonderful little write up about my work with lots of great photos. Check it out! I’m blushing right now . . .
Thanks Knitty!

6 thoughts on “I’m in Knitty!”

  • Hey Jennie,
    No wonder you're blushing. What an amazing profile, gorgeous ceramics and and your great smile! I love my tea mug to death. hope to see you some day,


  • Awesome! I love your stuff, as does everyone I've given it to. Hope we see you at Camp this year, and hope you're feeling well.

  • Jennie,
    Besides being so talented you are the sweetest person. The Knitty article is beautiful!

    Say hi to your mom!

  • Aw, schucks. You guys are SO sweet. Thanks for all the kind words! All is well here, just keeping busy getting ready for the next show. I'm feeling great and consider myself VERY lucky in that respect.

  • I was in Toronto this week and stopped in at Lettuce Knit and it felt a little bit like home to see your pottery right at the front register. I'm so glad you got the nice Knitty article.

  • What a great article! You are totally deserving!

    I get many comments on my fabulous pendant, and I still can't get over the lovely, lovely bowl that my boys somehow bought for me without my knowledge at Shepherd's Harvest. What a wonderful surprise!

    I hope you are selling tons, but are still able to rest too, mama potter.

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