Little Things

I’ve been deep in the studio getting ready for Knitter’s Connection. (next week in Columbus, OH) In addition to pots, LOTS of pots, I’ve been making lots of stitch markers (above) and buttons (below). It’s the little things that are the vacuum of my time lately.

2 thoughts on “Little Things”

  • Oh, I wish I were going! The profile of you in the latest Knitty is so neat. Congrats!

    BTW, the vespa/rabbit custom mug is the cutest thing ever.

  • These may be little things…but they count! The big thing is your profile on Knitty!! Good for you! I met you at MD and am so glad to see your process. As a potter and a spinner too, I am always looking for ways to combine fiber with clay….(weaving too!) Congratulations on the coverage. Really great!! 🙂

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