Howe, Indiana

I finally made it. A little behind schedule but the truck was packed and I started the drive to Rhinebeck! I flew through WI – stopping only to pick up a gift for my friend Lara who has recently relocated to CT and will be my assistant in the booth at Rhinbeck. If you like sugar cookies may I recommend the Norske Nook of Osseo,WI. Pillowy soft and very yummy. I managed to save some for the intended recipient. I was able to tune into the presidential debate and was pleasantly surprised to hear all three of the toll booth attendants in IL also listening. I had to pinch myself when I made it through Chicago without any traffic. Seriously. Then on to Indiana and I ran out of steam. So here I am in the breakfast room of the Holiday Inn Express off of I-90 in Howe, Indiana. Mysteriously the parking lot was full of dulies and powerstroke diesel trucks. This morning I have met their drivers – all corn fed American men. It’s kinda like sitting in a school cafeteria with the linebackers from the football team. Today I will drive to Toledo and meet up with Chris from Briar Rose and we will begin our caravan to Rhinebeck, NY!

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