Greetings from Staten Island

Hello there. I’ve been uploading pictures from my phone for the past three days only to find they aren’t posting on to my blogger site. Poo. I’ll be sure to update when I get home – so you can see all the fun adventures I had bopping around NYC with my buddy Hanne. She lives out in Staten Island so it’s a short ferry ride across the Upper Bay to the Whitehall Ferry Terminal – essentially Wall Street. There was a sign outside a pharmacy that was advertising a 20% discount on antacids. Fitting, no? We tramped all over town visiting crafty shops and bakeries. Yum, Yum. Now I’m getting ready to head north and visit some old family friends before I head across the border to visit Toronto!! I’ll see if I can’t fix the remote blogging problem – if not I’ll be sure to track down an internet cafe.

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