Buzy Little Bee

Check out my fabulous worker bee! (It’s me ma!)

So – the last time I posted I was working on the Icelandic yoke. Gasp! It’s been finished for weeks now. I fully documented the steek and sewing but haven’t had the time to put together a proper post. I promise I will soon.
Things have been busy here at Casa de Lanners. I’m getting ready to go on a fabulous cruise with my mom. Next week – ALASKA! We’re so excited. In an unfortunate springtime MN accident my mom fell and broke her leg on a patch of ice. It has modified our plans a wee bit, as we will now be traveling with a wheelchair. Good thing we’re on a cruise. You can’t get more wheelchair friendly than a cruise. It promises to be great and I will post updates. Promise.
Between now and Thursday I have gobs to do. Many pots need to be completed to fill my bins for Shepherd’s Harvest and Art A Whirl *. Oh, and in addition to the mom in the wheelchair I’ll be towing a suitcase of mugs too!

* I’ll be on vacation – but my pots will be at both events. My wonderful husband and/or brother will be filling in for me while I play with my mom. Please say hello if you stop by either event!

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