Yoke and YO

Hello, I am a very messy icelandic yoke sweater. My sleeves have just been added and my yoke has just begun. Please overlook my naughty bits that are showing.

The MN Knitter’s Guild held their annual Yarnover event on Saturday. It was a long day – started as usual with a kiln being unloaded, priced and packed in the wee hours of the morning. The day was grand. Many familiar faces stopped by and said hello. I was able to catch up with many friends and acquaintances. Three years ago YO was the first event I sold the sheepy pots at. I was nervous about the new endeavor and was pleasantly surprised at the response. ( cue oscar music . . . ) MN knitters are so supportive – Thank you! I had another wonderful event and I am so appreciative of your continued support! You’re awesome!

I spent most of Sunday goofing off. I have a galvanized bucket next to the chair I knit in that is supposed to hold whatever project I’m knitting on. Over the winter it became the remnant bucket of project yarn. I swear the stuff multiplies when you’re not looking! I spent the better part of Sunday morning reorganizing and winding the yarn that was in this bucket. I actually located ball bands for most of it and put it back in the closet it’s supposed to live in. (I’d like my gold star now, please) It felt good to get rid of the old and make room for the new.
Speaking of new . . . the above picture is my latest project. I’m calling it the Alaska Sweater as it is intended to be ready for wearing on my spring trip with my Ma. I met a friend yesterday afternoon and made some excellent progress. Only two more decrease rounds to go – and then bring on the steek! I’ll be sure to post the fun bits.

(PS -If your name’s Barb, or you know a Barb that was at YO -you forgot your package! Please contact me to retrieve it!!!)

3 thoughts on “Yoke and YO”

  • Jennie,
    Amy Rosenholm said that she bought a mug from you at YO that was shorter and stouter than your usual mugs. Do you have any like that with a sewing theme? Let me know!

  • Jenniethepotter – I see you’re still getting alot of knitting done. I love the mugs with the scissors – might need one of those. Hope to get together with you sometime soon. If we don’t see you before then, we’ll see you at Shepherd’s Harvest.

  • Jennie-
    It was fun to chat at yo. I hope you have a great time on your trip to Alaska and I’m interested to see your steeking progress!


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