Sometimes, despite the best of intentions, an event is a total dud. I have been very lucky, having more success than failure, until this week. I did an event that was mind numbingly bad. The event was brought to my attention by a reputable and lovely shop here in the Twin Cities. The pitch was promising, ” an independent crafters pavilion, ” that “showcases locally made goods.” A small group of crafters paid our fee and crossed our fingers hoping the event would we good, after all how many events are there in February? The show, alas, was not good. We were intermixed with a bizarre group of vendors retailing what can be best described as snake oil. I sold a whopping total of 6 pieces in two days. Five of those were to other vendors who were sharing the same sinking ship. (I think they were pity purchases) I’m not taking it personally, or soliciting pick me ups. ( I know I make beautiful work) I’m writing this in part to vent my frustrations and in part to be honest about what it is like to be an independent business woman. Not all sales are sunshine and lollipops. On the bright side, I met some lovely folks and got an awful lot of knitting done! Oh yeah, and I have plenty of stock for my next show. Here are the stats:

Make Out Goods
Sunday February 10th
10am – 6pm
James Ballentine VFW Post 246

2916 Lyndale Avenue South

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