It’s been a wee bit chilly around here lately. Theo has been protesting his walks. A few days ago while on a walk he took turns holding one paw up off the sidewalk. So – his walks have been short. Perhaps he needs some slippers for his cold paws? Cold paws? Check these out.

(The slippers formerly known as Fuzzy Feet)
The husband’s slippers have finally gone too far. The mild whining about the cold chill on his feet must be put to an end. I’ve offered to patch the old ones. This is just my own procrastination. I love the results of the Fiber Trends Clog Pattern but dislike following a pattern line for line. Pressing forward I have finished two clogs and need only to make two more soles to attach to the bottom.

I tried to sew leather on a pair of these last year and after much swearing and thumb mutilation I gave up. After washing, maybe I’ll do some “cleansing breaths” and try the leather bottom thing again. Patience little grasshopper. Patience.

(Pretend there are two . . . )

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