Soggy Vacation

We returned from our annual vacation thankful for long underwear and gortex. It rained. And rained. And rained! The plan was to paddle and portage our way through the BWCAW like we do every year. This year we didn’t get our act together to come up with a week to go until late in the summer.
By then the only week available was last week. Mid October in Northern MN. We watched the weather reports daily, even hourly in the days prior to our departure. We were optimistic, and we tried. It was too miserable. So we paddled out and camped nearby until that too was soggy. The dog, in his fancy neoprene vest, took to sitting near the car, pleading for us to go home. After four days with approximately 8 hours of non rain ( not sunshine), we decided to drive home early.
Leaving our campgrouond we encountered many downed trees. On the drive home we heard reports of road closures along the shore of Superior. Gale warnings too. Our bed was so cozy. I think the dog will forgive us.

Next year we will be going to the BWCAW in early September.

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