I’ve returned from my weekend in Chicago. ( above you’ll see a mouth watering description found somewhere in Wisconsin) Yarn Con was a nice small event. It was great to see some familiar faces and spend the weekend in Chicago with my new amiga. Franklin Habit was there taking photographs for his 1,000 knitters project. I sat for him and nervously knit, we’ll see if I make the cut! Shannon Okey was also there signing her books. She was lovely, and she went home with a mug, felt school temptress. I found what might be the greatest knitting project bag ever – it’s coming with me everywhere. I had a lovely dinner with friends and got my Chicago fix. It is nice to visit every now and again. After a wonderful weekend and lots of driving I have finally reached the day I have been looking forward to all summer. VACATION DAY!

Today Mr. Lanners and I will be going up north for our annual BWCA trip. The weather forecast is changing by the hour – we can only hope that the latest projections for rain are wrong. The pup got a brand new neoprene vest, in case it’s really cold. We have packed many layers. Even if it’s chilly it will be fabulous! Check out a map of the BWCAW – we’ll be leaving from the end of the Gunflint trail departing from Seagull lake. The two of us a canoe, a blaze orange vested dog and some Duluth packs. Here’s a teaser from last year. See you in about a week!

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