Is it really JULY already?

Bad bad Jennie hasn’t posted in a while. I have been sucked into the summer show season. I have in fact been a working fool as of late. One friend said, ” Make hay while the sun shines” and that is what I have been doing. I have been all over going to shows, each with a fresh batch of pots unloaded and allowed to cool just enough to not melt the bubble wrap and foam prior to the truck leaving Lanners’ central. ( I have packed pots when they were too hot and let me tell you – melted bubble wrap does not come off of freshly fired pottery, lesson learned. )
Since I have written I have gone to Lanesboro, Duluth, and Brainerd. There was even a little visitor at the studio in between. ( More to come on that later . . . ) And yesterday I was at a little camp in Wisconsin. A busy little bee I have been!
All this tramping about has made me more productive in the studio, with the needles not so much. After a long overdue conversation with Mr. Lanners’ pottery I have decided some “off ” time needs to be scheduled as well. Seems silly to have to schedule down time – but when you run your own business from your home I guess it just works that way. I have hired some help in the studio and I am blessed to have a wonderful family who likes to help. This should make for some more down time.

I realize I never gave an update on our little caterpillar farm. I took to calling it the nursery and at it’s peak we had 3 -4 hatching from their cocoons each day. Each morning we would awaken to new monarchs in the aquarium. Letting them go out side was so much fun – we never tired of it! There were however some escapees. Abby ( the wonder cat) never harmed the little guys. Just watched them intently. All said I think we had a hand in the raising of thirty monarchs. Every day at least one monarch is hanging out in the back yard. I’m not sure monarchs revisit the place of their “birth” but I like to think they are some of ours coming back to say hello.

1 thought on “Is it really JULY already?”

  • this is great!

    happy to see such beautiful posts and that you are getting some down time any way you can.

    it’s important!

    now, if we could just manage to hook up one of these days…

    : )


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