1. When you switch from knitting a sock on size 0’s to knitting a sock on size 2’s you feel like you are knitting with telephone poles. (Oh sweet progress!)

2. Minks like to fight and subsequently fall out of tall pine trees
(they look like a long dark brown cat, who knew?)

3. Our dog would ride the short bus

Yes, that is a flaming stick that Theo has masterfully pulled from the fire while his unsuspecting parents were preparing dinner. No worries – the stick was taken away from the dog and no injuries occurred. He attempted to retrieve the stick many times from the fire grate. Does he fetch? Evidentially, only sticks that are on fire.

4.You cannot knit and paddle simultaneously.

5. You can knit and fish simultaneously!

2 thoughts on “Sawbill”

  • Oh, for jealous! I wish I was in the Boundary Waters knitting socks. Soo gorgeous. Peaceful. (and bugs at a minimum– for the most part– this time of year.)

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