Finally getting to my pal!

Hooray! I’ve finally gotten around to picking out the proper yarn for my pal. I signed up for Sockapalooza weeks ago and was so excited to receive my pals info! I have been a bit busy preparing for the beginning of my show season so I haven’t been able to give my attention to the sock pal. With each night in the studio I told myself I would splurge on the right yarn when Shepherd’s Harvest came. I really wanted to find a great local yarn to send off to my pal. The winner was this beautiful skein of Mer-Made, in the colorway Joyce’s Choice, from Blackberry Ridge in Mt. Horeb, WI.
The nice thing about being a vendor at a Sheep and Wool event is the extra time on either side of the show day to wander and view the other vendors stock. (Many thanks to my buddies who helped me set up my booth!) The event was great! It’s so nice to see the local knitters and spinners as well as the awesome vendors. Many of which I’ll be seeing more of this summer on my Midwest fiber festival bonanza! I just couldn’t resist this skein from Blackberry Hills. I decided to use it to be a sock savior! When you spend your weekends in a 10 x 10 booth you can get a lot of knitting done.
Here’s a shot of the all the booty from the weekend. The caterpillar is from Misty – Meadow designs. Awesome felting! (Sadly no pictures of Judy’s designs – but lots of pictures of their sheep!)
I also picked up a business card holder from Saori weaving fun- they teach classes too. (Maybe this fall when my life settles down a bit?)
A wonderful roving blend of Coopworth and silk called Shanghai Nights from Hidden Valley.
And saving the BEST for last. Cheese, wonderful sheep’s milk cheese, from Shepherd’s Way farms. (I love being booth neighbors with the cheese folk)
And now Art a Whirl. Back to the studio I go. . . ( cue whistling dwarfs)

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  • It was great to see you at Shepherd’s Harvest. Glad to see you’re doing well. Keep intouch!

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