Almost there . . .



Life in potterville has been busy lately. The dream we launched with the Kickstarter is finally coming to life and each day brings new joys and decisions for the space I’m very antsy to call my new studio home.

Four roll off dumpsters removed the 70+ years of building choices made by previous tenants. Getting to the stage where new, fresh, pizza free walls were being hung is amazing. Watching professional dry wallers tape was magic. Each trade has it’s own eccentric equipment and I have always been fascinated by how people do what they do. This one might be my favorite. The area he’s taping is about 8 feet up the wall and he’s on stilts that look a bit like robotic pogo sticks covered in white mud. Here’s a link to see Jesus the drywall magician  at work.

This weekend is a big one for the space. We’ll be getting the painting underway. The list of things to accomplish is getting smaller by the day, and we are very excited to get some items moved into the shop!

We have started to plan some of the class offerings, and I’m super excited at what we have planned. Look for some class announcements this coming week!

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