A rest, of sorts 

I’m not currently in the studio, instead I’m taking a rest, of sorts. I’m finally fulfilling a long time dream to participate in the Des Moines Register Annual Bike Ride Across Iowa, but known as RAGBRAI. 

It’s a phenomenal thing to be one of 10,000 riders on roads closed to vehicle traffic. It’s such a great slice of the Midwest with churches and civic organizations welcoming riders in each and every small town. There are kids with water pistols and sprinklers to cool us off. Older folks sitting in the shade waving hello, or the tractor shuttles that bring riders into host town each evening. From breakfast burritos to pickles there’s just about anything you might want from road side stands. It’s a great slice of America, and I’m doing my best to soak it all up, one (or three) pies at a time. 

3 thoughts on “A rest, of sorts ”

  • RAGBRAI!!! It’s so weird to be here in New England, where no one knows the wonderfulness and agony that is RAGBRAI.

    Ride safe and have fun.

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