November, really?

little hands and lots of feathers
little hands and lots of feathers

There’s a time warp that happens after a big show like Rhinebeck. All of your energy has been channeled to getting all the things ready for the show, and all the things ready at the house for you to be gone at the show. The show happens and then bam it is done.

Months of prep and it’s over. A blur of places, people and things, and all the hard work come to fruition. After the long drive, the exhaustion sets in and there is the homecoming re-entry, no small task with little people. Even though it’s been a week total from leaving to returning it feels like an age has passed. Life is all discombobulated and it takes a bit of effort to put things right again.

All the long nights and early mornings are replaced with a little well earned sleeping in and staying up late on other non clay pursuits. Oh yeah, and Halloween. As soon as I return it’s costume making time. This year only L requested a special costume. B was happy to borrow a Spidey Suit from a neighbor pal. I love refocusing the energy on my family after a big event. We’ve been relishing that time.

Owlet and Spidey on Halloween
Owlet and Spidey on Halloween

The studio sits dormant while I’m away, and getting that pump primed and running takes a long time. The mess you left must be cleaned, and things re-set to begin. Clay must be weighed, pots thrown, trimmed and painted. Finally I feel like the studio is back. The pistons are moving again, things are being made and projects are underway. I’m excited to have another project coming your way at the end of the month. I’ll leave you with a sneak peek of part of it.

Project closeup

I’m hoping to have a small update before the holidays are upon us. Please sign up for the Update list  so you can be notified of the date and time new work will be online!

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