Setting up in my new spot! C 34

Today I head to the festival to set up for The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival!! I left Minnesota on Wednesday morning and have been driving for the last two days. The day before the festival is one of my favorites. The place is a flurry of activity. Shepherds are caring for their animals, giving last minute haircuts and shaves. Vendors are hauling their wares and setting out the treasure they have been working on for the last few months. I get to say hello, hug my “co-workers” and catch up on the last few months since we’ be been at show. It’s the relative calm before the storm. I love it.
This year the festival moved our little barn to the back of the main exhibition hall. The giant barn of fibery goodness at the bottom of the hill. I’m all the way at the back, next to the end by the large outside door. Please come and visit! Officially it’s C-34 in the main exhibition hall. Check out the map here.
The fleece show now has it’s own building so it can stretch out and show off all the beautiful wool that’s been brought to the festival from shepherds near and far.
So, I’m off. Prepping for a show is always stressful, and Friday before the show is when I get to see all the hard work and hours in the studio all together in one place. See you soon!

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