Couch wrestling

picture of Lil and Ben wrestling on the couch
a regular feature here these days

What to do with two revved up kids during the cold wintry afternoons? (-13 F this morning) Pull off all the couch cushions and wrestle, of course. Sometimes we bounce like we’re on a trampoline, but mostly we giggle and roll about. It’s been a while since I posted, and I know many folks who like to see what the kids are up to, so a pottery free post today while I get back into the swing of posting things on the site. What sort of things do you do to fend off the crazies of winter?

1 thought on “Couch wrestling”

  • It does my heart good to see this pic:)! I am an old fart, but some of my best childhood memories are of rainy days spent “picnicking” on the living room floor and “camping” in forts made from upright dining room chairs and blankets:)! At night our Dad would play the William Tell Overture and we’d “gallop” all over the house:). So glad you are
    Being creative avoiding cabin fever :).
    And, as a Marylander, forgive me, but I gotta say: Go Ravens!;)

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