Harvest Home Farm Festival

Harvest Home aerial photo


One of the bonuses of traveling around the country to attend fiber festivals is the wonderful folks I meet. The first time I attended the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival I slept in a tent on the fairgrounds. I was awoken early Saturday morning by a little black and white nose nuzzling at my tent. A sheep dog puppy had squirmed under my rain fly and was trying to get me up to play. The pup belonged to the Poulos family, camping nearby and after that introduction we have been friends ever since with our annual reunions at Wisconsin Sheep and Wool.

The Poulos family have graciously invited me to take part in their first ever farm festival. Harvest Home Farm Artisan and Farm Festival will take place on June 16th from 10 am – 4 pm. The farm is located in Whitehall, WI and directions can be found here. Some of my favorite shepherds will be there as well as a sheep dog trial, spinning, weaving, shearing and even blacksmith demonstrations. Cool. I can’t think of a better place to spend a summer afternoon.

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