Picture of 'Lager' lace weight
Hello! My name is "Lager".

Did you know we like beer around here? Especially, well crafted micro brews, and home brew of course. Mr. Lanners was a professional brewer for many years. He is occasionally persuaded to brew with some of his friends, and his home brew is mighty tasty. Like my own kitchen pursuits of pickles, jams, and jellies these are precious foodstuffs crafted with loving care. Anyone who has cracked open a jar of strawberry jam in the depths of a Minnesota winter knows you can taste the early summer sun.

When Mr. Lanners and I decided to add some yarn to our booth at shows we decided we wanted something different. Something like porcelain, something that’s precious, something that’s a treat to play with. This silk fits the bill. Available in both DK, and lace weight. Bright, clear, semi-solid colors that go well with that other thing we do around here. The name was just inevitable.

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