Saying Goodbye

Is SO hard to do. My dear Grandmother passed on Friday, at ninety six she lived a full life. She was such an important figure in my life. She will be greatly missed.

Grandma and Lillian, the greatgranddaughter

I love you grandma.

7 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye”

  • One of my most precious pictures is one of my youngest daughter in the arms of her greatgrandmother. I’m so glad you, too, have such a picture to share with Lilly. The love is evident, and Lilly will see that, too. With deep sympathy…

  • Sorry to hear about your grandmother. My mom has 6 great-grandchildren and actually keeps 3 of them everyday, 1 all day and 2 after school.

  • JTP – So sorry to hear about Grandma Lillian. I know she’s played a very important role in your life.

  • Jennie, I’m behind the times here, but I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother. The photo you posted shows a woman who enjoyed her life and her family. I wish you many wonderful memories to keep her alive in your heart.

  • What a lovely picture by which to remember her. May she
    continue to rest in peace, and may the burden of your grief lessen
    with each lovely memory reflect upon of your grandmother.

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