“Citius, Altius, Fortius.”


Tonight the Winter Olympics begins, and with it thousands of knitting projects. Inspired by the accomplishments of Knitting Olympians the last winter games I decided to give it a go. I’m joining in the madness and will be casting on Estelle with some beautiful Briar Rose abundance.
This yarn has already been knitted once. While pregnant I started a sweater and was generous with my calculation. After knitting happily to the armpits and casting on for both sleeves I decided I should move the body stitches to a waste yarn and try it on for size. By this time Lil was a few months old. While I still carry some of the “baby weight” this sweater probably would have fit just fine when when I was eight or nine months pregnant , or still living in the baggy shapeless sweater wearing eighties. The hub was consulted and my suspicions confirmed So, the sweater was put in a corner to stew. What to do?

My answer came when I was asked to join in the knitting Olympics. Chris is a dear friend and knows how much of her yarn I have. She was composing a team of like minded knitters for the Olympics. I stumbled across the pattern after another friend tweeted a link to the designer’s work after the earthquake in Haiti. ( The designer donated half of her pattern revenue to Doctor’s Without Borders) I measured my “swatch” and my gauge was spot on.

So, in the Olympic spirit I will cast on tonight during the opening ceremonies and will attempt to finish the sweater during the Olympic games. There will be late nights, and brief sojourns while the Lil nugget is napping. All the while I’ll be thinking swifter, higher, stronger as I click along. Or, dear God what have I signed on for?

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