Studio Baby

Busy, busy! I’m having fun being a new mom. I feel very fortunate to have a mellow, happy baby. She’s been happy to spend time with me in the studio. I strap her into her bouncy chair, turn on my audio book, and we get to work. With Rhinebeck a few weeks away – so all the studio time I can get is helpful!

4 thoughts on “Studio Baby”

  • Congratulations on your new baby girl! She is absolutely adorable!

    I just got my mug the other week and LOVE it! (Well, not like I didn't think I would, cuz I KNEW I would!) Thanks for working so hard to get them to us in such a timely manner. I really figured it may be months-and I was ok with that.

    And now I recently learned that Urban Fauna carries your jewelry, so I may need to get a pendant to match my earrings I got from you at SS09!

  • Oh, she is so sweet I just giggle when I look at her picture! I'm glad that motherhood and potterhood both fit into your life.

  • Ohh! How very sweet. Thank you for taking the time to take a picture and posting this.
    I'll have to make sure to come say hello again at Rhinebeck. Last year you weren't far from our booth. I would love to meet her…

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