Six Foot Tall Ears of Corn

I’m in Ohio for Knitter’s Connection. My mom travels to the area often for work. She brought me to an outdoor sculpture in Dublin, OH. Built to honor the area’s agricultural background, these concrete ears are over six feet tall. Cool.

4 thoughts on “Six Foot Tall Ears of Corn”

  • Oh, I used to live just south of Dublin, but never visited Cornhenge. I will have to get back there and visit, now that I know this exists!

  • Wow! They are cool. I love corn plants and ears, just not the de-tasseling. That is dirty work!

  • I live in the Columbus Ohio area and never get tired of looking at the Corn Sculptures. They're laid out so that whatever angle you look at them, they line up.

  • Cornhenge, hehe, I can't quite decide if that's really cool or just weird… I'll go with intersting for now…

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