Shepherd’s Harvest!

I’m SO pleased to be home. My first trip to MDSW was a success, albeit and exhausting one! I met so many wonderful people and saw many new vendors and products. The weekend was soggy but folks still managed to come out despite the rivers of mud on the fairgrounds. Our drive back was through multiple weather systems with small windows of sun. I was assured the weather at home was supposed to be rainy too – but we have lucked out with the most beautiful spring weather ever! Luckily I’m able to enjoy it as there’s no time to make anything in the studio before the show.
This great Spring weather comes just in time for Shepherd’s Harvest this weekend. While our little festival is no where near as large as some of the other festivals across the nation it is OUR festival. This is the best opportunity to meet the lamb and wool producers along with local artists and craftspeople. Please take some time out of your busy Mother’s Day schedule to come and check it out. It’s sure to please!
I just learned of a last minute vendor addition that should be added to your must see list at Shepherd’s Harvest! My dear friend Chris of Briar Rose Fibers is making the trip from Michigan. You probably won’t see her on the website or listed in the brochure as she just agreed to come on Monday of this week. Please stop by her booth and give her a hearty Minnesota welcome. I’m very fortunate to travel to festivals all over the country and I can honestly say there is NO one who produces fiber the way she does. Nor will you find a more caring and thoughtful business woman. I’m fortunate to have a large part of my stash devoted to her fiber and now you can too! Lately I’ve been groovin’ on her BFL for spinning, but I must be honest and say I have two sweaters in progress with her fabulous fiber. It’s late notice but she has a special discount in honor of their 5th anniversary. Check it out here.
See you this weekend!

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  • I’m addicted to Briar Rose! And, Chris is so adorable, and what an artist! Everything she has is remarkable. I tell people all the time that you can’t make a wrong choice on line or at her display!

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