Gauge (@(#$%)%*)

In my excitement to begin my long awaited post holiday Aran I neglected to find a gauge swatch I knit with my Black Water Abbey yarn last summer. “I think I knit that on a size 7.” I cast on with with an 8 to have a loose cast on edge.( Mistake number 1) I was so focused on making sure my stitch count and pattern was progressing along properly that I forgot to switch needles. The stitches were loose, ” This yarn will bloom a bit with washing, I’m fine.” Alas last night I had a dreadful feeling, “This seems way too large.” I threaded cotton yarn through the stitches laid the beginnings of the sweater on top of a nicely fitting Aran sweater I happened to be wearing. Four inches people. Four inches too wide. Boo. Today I have re-knit a swatch which I am going to properly wash and dry, thankyou very much, and I have a husband ready to help me rip out my knitting! Oh, yes, I knew better, but I still knit on anyway. Silly Jennie.

4 thoughts on “Gauge (@(#$%)%*)”

  • Haven’t we all done that? I love it when I knit the whole (bleep)ing thing against that little voice in my head then have to rip.

  • We’ve all been there. You actually caught it way earlier than I usually do. I usually knit on in blind faith that it will fit or somehow get better only to find out it doesn’t. 🙂

  • The power of that knitter in your head to keep you knitting even when you know better is amazing. If only we could tap into it to make us do things that were good for us!

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