Many yogurts were consumed to produce this post.

The week before a show is crazy ’round here. I’m hard at work making the last minute pots and juggling the kilns. Mr Lanners springs into action and helps in the studio and makes sure I’m properly fed and watered. As I’ve been busy preparing for three shows this week, I thought I’d show you a photo, or two from the studio. On the left is my table – messy, messy. I blend commercial and homemade colors to make the pigments for my work. I love the process and can’t help mixing new ones. Consequently I have a vast collection of yogurt containers and each color has a “flavor” associated with it.
The picture on the right is of a glaze kiln all loaded and ready to start. This kiln is full to the brim – perhaps an inch to spare in some spots a few millimeters! This time of year I love the busy kiln schedule as the residual heat from the 2200 degree firings make the studio toasty warm.

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