Our House Smells Like Pie

I love to bake, especially pie. This year I tried something new. I mixed a variety of roasted squash to make the base for the pumpkin pie filling. After roasting I used my handy dandy food mill to get a smooth even consistency. I placed this mash into a cheesecloth lined sieve and pressed out the extra moisture.

To the squash puree I added the sugar, maple syrup and spices and placed it on the stove to blend the flavors. This mixture was SO yummy – I don’t know how I will ever buy it in a can. Check out these squash. Can you see the beads of moisture? The smell was so fresh and sweet.

We have a family get together of twelve adults and we like our pie so a second pie is necessary. I generally make apple – who doesn’t like apple pie right? Bucking our “tradition” I decided to make a pecan pie instead.

At the suggestion of a friend I added chocolate chips and bourbon. I sipped and baked – it was a wonderful respite from the studio. And our house smells like pie. I cannot wait to try them. Is it time for pie yet?

2 thoughts on “Our House Smells Like Pie”

  • “Our house smells like pie.” This could be the answer to so many questions, like “Why would I want to come visit it you?”, “What are your qualifications to be a parent/grandparent/aunt?”, or “What have you achieved to improve the world?”

  • The Bourbon and chocolate are excellent additions to pecan pie though I haven’t made one in a while. I suppose I don’t have to wait until Christmas…

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