After a soggy weekend in Chicago I returned home on Monday and promptly crashed, hard. Renegade was great, despite the weather, but the hours were a bit long. I understand the show wants to have people stick around for the bands but really who shops for crafty goods until 10pm?
On Tuesday I spent the afternoon with my favorite grandma at the arboretum. I highly recommend taking a bus with twelve seniors on a field trip. Friggin’ hilarious. The group dynamic is very reminiscent of a sixth grade play ground. Except with walkers, canes and semi functioning hearing aids. “Agnes, AGNES?!!” The weather couldn’t have been better – not a cloud in the sky. The flowers were beautiful and one of my favorite plants was in abundance. (Never underestimate a good sedum!)
There was so much strolling and chatting that I neglected to take pictures of my favorites. I did manage to get a picture of the coolest use of a gum ball machine ever.

Can you imagine if these were at rest stops across the nation? Oh! The trees we would have!

3 thoughts on “Arboretum”

  • Miss Jennie …. I forgot to tell you today how cool I think it would be in there were vending machines like these everywhere we went … how fun would THAT be!

  • You are cracking me up! I’m glad a friend directed me to your blog, after seeing my pirate hat on your state fair posting. It did look creepy on the eyeless mannequin, kind of made the skull and crossbones motif a bit too literal.

  • What a fun outing with your grandma. Sedum – mine has grown huge this year & is just about to pop into full bloom. As for the seed dispensing – such a clever idea. I've often thought that states could make some money if they sold packets of seeds at rest stops that would allow you to grow your own wildflowers like they plant in their assorted roadside beautification efforts.

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