The Great Minnesota Get Together

Wall of honey, jams, and jellies

We’re quite proud of our state fair here in MN. ( Second largest state fair , thank you very much) Mr. Lanners and I like to head out to the fair early and catch all the animals before they’re tired from the throngs of humanity. An early morning at the fair was not possible this year so we settled for late afternoon. After four hours of driving back from the Madison area and a half an hour at home with the animals we headed off to six hours of walking (and eating) at the Great Minnesota Get Together. Here are a few of my favorite things from this year’s fair.

This is what a “novice” ( ages 5 -9 ) pig showing looks like. Twelve pigs and their young handlers circling around the judge. Friggin’ adorable. Best ten minutes spent in an animal barn this year!

Bundt Pan = “Ethnic” Baking

And the winner of the creepiest mannequin displaying a knit ensemble . . .

And most ballsy – oops busty – floral arrangement . . .

Seriously? That won a ribbon?
Watch out novice floral arrangers of MN there might be some fresh blood next year. . .

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