To most a pug is a small dog. To a potter a pug (mill) is a lifesaver. Today we recycled 500 pounds of clay for Empty Bowls at the South High ceramics studio. A pug mill has a large auger that mixes the clay before extruding it out in a long tube. (Think Playdough dough factory or spritz cookie press. ) The clay program at Powderhorn produces a fair amount of “waste” clay, abandoned after sessions or neglected, that is unfortunately thrown away. We took that “waste” clay and recycled it into perfect workable clay for our project! Yeah!

PS – The oven has been temporarily repaired! In a stoke of genius Mr. Lanners took the igniter from the rarely used broiler and placed it in the main heating element. Presto! The oven works and we’ve ordered a replacement igniter for the broiler. A service call would have run us about $136.00 – the part was $20.00!

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  • I’m glad your oven is fixed! My friend Sheila wants to know when you’ll be updating your Etsy shop. Hope you and your family are safe and dry.

    Best, Cindi

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